Sunday, March 20, 2016

People writing Trimet alerts really need improvement

At about 7:55 AM, this was posted:

#52 No service north of NW Evergreen Parkway. No service to PCC-Rock Creek.

About 15 minutes later, it was changed to this, which I'm thinking was correct all along since just before the above alert a separate alert was put out about gates being closed at PCC-Sylvania campus, and this is the normal plan for when the Rock Creek gates are closed:
#52 Due to gate closure, no service north of West Union Rd, no service into PCC Rock Creek campus.

Moreover, no alert is needed since no buses are even scheduled to go to Rock Creek on a Sunday:

On the MAX front, an e-mail/RSS feed entry was put out at 8:59 AMabout the Blue and Red Lines being disrupted due to a collision:

However, no Web site (and I think Transit Tracker, phone and 3rd-party app) service alert was put out until 15-20 minutes later when a "service restored" message went out.

(I believe there was a building here that was demolished to make way for the Orange Line) 

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