Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shirley Block and Jonathan Hunt statement of candidacy


Unknown said...

And the lie detector determined that was a lie... This is what it looks like when you break election rules and try to scapegoat others.

Al M said...

What was a lie?

Unknown said...

Their involvement in wrongdoing,scapegoating others is not an accurate representation of what our representation should be.

Bob Cummings said...

The DOL clearly outlined the problems in the election and the officers are taking direct action. Making statements like "lie detector determined" and "scapegoating" simply shows you have no concrete facts and finger point without them.

From listening to you complain as an operator, listening to what you say as you campaign, I get the distinct impression if a person is not your side, you consider them an adversary. Obviously there is nothing about you that suggest solidarity unless they see things your way.

Unknown said...

Actually I do know the facts considering that I was in the room with the Department of Labor and the candidates.

Usually I stay out of The Fray, but I think the video that was posted by our Representatives need to be discussed considering the content of the video and the statements that they made.

Since they put out a video, this opens the door up to more robust discussions concerning their impropriety.

The fact of the matter is the letter that the Department of Labor put out addressed one of the challenges to the election.

The fact of the matter is they used Union resources to skirt the election rules, then they tried to used Union resources to fight their impropriety.

They had no defense to fight the Department of Labor, thus voluntary compliance. DOL had a set case or they would not have addressed it as they did.

Unknown said...

Plus, I generally stick with topics that affect our membership.