Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trimet is a leader in manufacturing consent

"Leaders will decide" More like career technocrats will decide
One of the most fascinating aspects  of Trimet is the masterful way they (and their so called "partners" who are other governmental units)  manufacture consent for all their various projects.

We know that the so called "light rail mafia" is scrambling right now to find sustenance to keep itself alive. Trimet has this huge capital projects department filled with dozens of pork jobs and basically they are dreaming up projects right now.

The latest false propaganda is below

Right, most people want light rail, sure they do
In any event Trimet watchers are aware of what is happening right now. The Portland mafia can't stop building because they need that cash flow, so here they are pumping out false propaganda trying to influence the minds of the citizens. The problem with this is this:


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