Sunday, March 6, 2016

I propose the following Trimet tax increase measures

Imagine a transit district that actually put the lives of its riders ahead of its crony capitalists. Imagine if the technocrats running Trimet actually 'cared' about the people that have to use its systems.

We would be seeing proposals like this:

Trimet proposes a tax increase in order to provide fare free service to all citizens! This would eliminate the millions of dollars spent in fare enforcement and collection and enable us to use all that money in addition to the tax increase to make our system 24 hours and anybody can ride it without having to worry about fares!

Trimet proposes this tax increase to make  all non frequent bus service every 15 minutes and the current "frequent service" bus lines every 8 minutes! 
We propose to run all our current bus lines till 1am each day!

Trimet proposes this tax increase to make Light rail service run every 8 minutes on every line daily and we will keep light rail going till 2am every night by tripling  the amount of maintenance staff that is required for maintenance when the lines are not operating, 2-4 am!

Alas, we will never see proposals like this because Trimet (and other American transit agencies) are not in the business of serving riders, they are in the business of funneling money to crony capitalists


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