Saturday, May 18, 2013


KOIN Claim--->A monthly pass for an adult on TriMet is $100. In Philadelphia, it’s $83. In Denver, $79, $72 in both Los Angeles and San Diego and $70 in Boston.

TRIMET Apologists----> You get 'more' with the Trimet pass

The stupidity of that argument is obvious to anyone who is not emotionally attached to this topic.

You can't get any sort of pass from Trimet for $83/$79/$72/$70

Sure maybe some of those passes don't allow a rider to use 'light rail'  or go outside of some geographical boundary.  So what? Some riders don't want to ride light rail or ride to the other end of the system.  They want to go down their local street to the supermarket once in a while.

There is NO  Trimet pass that you can buy that will allow you to go anywhere for less than $100/mo.

The apologists are so attached to their point of view they can't see it.

A decently priced transit pass, Trimet fails the grade.


David Christensen said...

I think KOIN report was very good and very fair. I also think the conclusions the he came to was correct. Trimet tried to spin it their own way but when you have a news man on TV saying we used your paperwork you provided and we stand behind out report. You don't see reporters doing that very often. I think people in the tri-county area needs to watch and listen to this report. It just amazes me the hubris that Trimet fights back. But the point is they are serving the public and it seems the public is saying your doing things wrong and Trimet just says no,your wrong and continues to fight for their way. Thank you Al as always for your hard work and your blog site.

EngineerScotty said...

Well, you can get an annual pass on Streetcar for $155... while there's no monthly pass, if you divide $155 by 12 its under $18.50.

I'd love a TriMet pass, good for only just one bus route, for $20 a month or less.

Al M said...

St car is still a good deal for sure.
Actually I don't think even one ticket for fare evasion has yet to be issued on it yet.

But it's one of the good things about it,its still affordable for quick trips and the annual pass is a bargain