Friday, March 28, 2014

Another wonderful restroom for Trimet union employees


Anonymous said...

A recent TriMet report on the top causes of driver sick time showed that poor post-toileting hygiene was an issue.

TriMet simply implemented a low/no cost mnemonic to remind drivers to wash up.

From the response it appears the "If you slosh, wash" campaign is a proud success for TriMet.

roamer said...

Good grief. So it's been shown by TriMet's own study that the top cause of driver sick time is poor post-toileting hygiene?


* TriMet does not provide drivers with adequate time to even use the restroom let alone properly wash their hands afterward?

* TriMet provides toilets with no running water for driver use with no provisions to wash properly? I don't even see a hand-sanitizer dispenser located in that portapotty.


* TriMet wants drivers to pay increasingly more and more of their own health care premiums?

* TriMet threatens to fire drivers who take too much sick leave?

Something is wrong here.