Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hazards of being a bus driver

Hitting things when you are trying to avoid getting hit!



Anonymous said...

Wow, so per the operator's words, now this blog is yet another stress factor when you're dealing with a possible PA.

She's aware that her anxious responses will be listened to (and maybe recorded) by us blog readers for our personal amusement.

Another "Hazards of being a bus driver."

Al M said...

That's living in the tech age. People just need to grow up to it. Trimet and Trimet employees have been fighting this reality ever since it's inception.

Al M said...

Furthermore trimet is one of the very few transit districts that refuses to allow the public to see any of the incidents that occur on their public transit system

Anonymous said...

Trimet has a whole section of their class devoted to this topic.
Taught none other than by Mary Fetsch and Roberta Alsdadt

Anonymous said...

AL I think a section should be devoted to help operators in the area of safety.. one mishap and you are driving to an early grave or...
AL I learned a lot from you and I hope you will consider