Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More on the working conditions at Trimess

These are a couple of great comments on the RUMORS post that deserve a separate post

Maybe double & triple bus loads of bitching people not as easy as just "steering the wheel."

Or being yelled at "BACK DOOR ASS HOLE" could have stressful side effects on a fella while they sleep.

Or maybe the added stress on one's knee's is a little more then a walk in the park.

Or watching your follower pass you, then pass up angry waiting people as to force you to pick them up too, all by being 18 minutes late.

Or learning to restrain your mouth from verbally jacking up a customers emotions; thus, scaring them on transit forever.

Or dumbfoundedly watching people run for your bus as if your selling the last drop of water on earth; then, almost always not having fare, dropping it, or realize your bus is the wrong bus after wasting about 90 seconds of every-bodies time.

What's my point?

Just wait till after the new contract is enabled...

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