Thursday, March 27, 2014

Make sure you don't sit in it

Not a good picture to view before your breakfast!


roamer said...

Hey Al. How about hiding the image on the blog's main page so it only shows when you click on the title? I often am eating my breakfast or lunch while viewing your blog and coming across somebody's graphic puddle of puke makes me lose my appetite.

Wouldn't you think it more effective if just showing the title "Make sure you don't sit in it" with no image would make the reader curious enough to click on the title where they could then see the pile of puke?

Thanks ...or maybe I'm the only wimpy one here who doesn't want to keep seeing that nice neat pile of vomit when cruising around your blog? LOL

Al M said...

LOL! OK...done!

roamer said...

Thank you, sir! ...much better.