Sunday, March 30, 2014

The public forgets about Trimet gross incompetence

And there was no greater incompetence and no less regard for tax payer funds that the WASTEFUL WES TRAIN.
Co- conspirators Fred Hansen and Neil Mcfarlane allowed a known crook to rip off TRIMET and the tax payers and PAID HIM more for doing it.

There was plenty of evidence that Trimet was dealing with a crook, but Mcfarlane and Hansen allowed to contract to go forward and in  the process pissed away millions of tax payer dollars.

This GROUP OF CRIMINAL EXECUTIVES,  created a contingency budget under false pretenses, told the public there was a budget crisis, raised fares, and cut services, HID THEMSELVES $1 MILLION IN RAISES while doing all this!

This same bunch of people is right now attempting to destroy their very own current and retired employees for their own gain. With the cooperation of the mainstream media they have been able to pound the 'it's the union's fault' drum over and over and over thereby distracting from the gross malfeasance of their own actions!

It is my opinion that we have a very clear pattern of conspiracy, a misuse of funds and downright fraudulent behavior by the people in charge of the  Portland Transit system.

And Mcfarlane has hired his cronies from the past to help him pull off this scam of his. His pal Bob Nelson was brought back as DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER at $200,000/yr AND Nelson is already receiving a large pension from Trimet (we hear nothing about what he is doing anywhere publicly, no Trimet news releases, no speeches no board appearances, no NOTHING.)

Mcfarlane also brought back David Auxier to be in charge of the TRIMET books. Mr Auxier has a son that directly benefits from TRIMET contracts as well as being the recipient of a nice hefty pension from Trimet. His pay is around $176,000.

These people are looting the Trimet treasury right under our noses!

Below the break is the WES fiasco laid out as posted in twitter

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Anonymous said...

These are the same people that are blaming the union for all of TM's financial problems. They propped up a failed company for a failed, poorly thought out mission. These bad decisions have cost everyone something, except to those who made them....