Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bruce Warner's lame excuse for not allowing the vote on OPAL's 3 hour transfer



Jason McHuff said...

The law may be a blanket law covering all changes, and a possible argument is that day/monthly/etc pass users are a population segment (and may have more minorities, etc).

Overall, having the FTA rule on this could be a good thing, if it's found that transfer times can't be changed at will (at the expense of dragging this process out further).

Al M said...

the FTA rule makes no sense if its applied to fare reductions, ZERO SENSE, useless stupid regulations that the republicans talk about

Cameron Johnson said...

They actually did us a huge favor.

A) they admitted this was basically extortion and they won't give us the transfers until we surrender

and B) they blatantly lied about us springing it upon them when ALL OF BRU/OPAL has known about this, talked about it, and pressured TriMet about it since July last year.

They lied to us about stuff we do as if we don't know.

That's beautiful if you ask me.

Jason McHuff said...

the FTA rule makes no sense if its applied to fare reductions

Even if only one group (e.g. non-pass users) see a benefit?

Al M said...

Pass users don't need a reduction