Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trimet pensions

There are 522 people that have retired in the last 10 years getting pensions of $1500 or more.
That is $1,325, 424 per month just to those people.
That figure does not include all those making under $1500/mo.

Largest monthly pensions
Known Double dippers highlighted
Highest to lowest:

In alphabetical order:


Jason McHuff said...

It would be better if the employment length and earnings was also included. Some of those with larger pensions may have been with TriMet for a long time.

Overall, it would be good to accurately compare the inflation in administrative pensions to what represented employees get.

nyambol said...

What is the argument? That these drivers don't deserve a pension? That they don't deserve such large pensions?


What is the basis for the argument?

This post is a good demonstration that raw data is meaningless.