Saturday, March 22, 2014

From the Drivers side

Of Bicycles, Beware. I could write an entire book chapter on this. Just in case you weren't aware, they own the road. They can do the stupidest thing imaginable, and they'd still blame it on the bus driver. Of course they consider themselves above the law as well. That yield light applies to all vehicles on the road, and yes, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. You'd think they might be extremely cautious around a bus, but they're also invincible (not to mention invisible) and seem to think they have this shield around them that protects them, even from their own idiocy.
The Mantra -- Part 1


MAX Redline said...

I remember seeing video a few years back of a biker pounding on a bus. Think that was on the Burnside Bridge. I rider walked off the bus and decked the moron.

Good times.

Nonpartisantoo said...

The author paints us with a broad brush. Yes, there are a number of bicyclists that don't follow the rules. And there are a bunch that do.

"they own the road" - If we own the road, it's because a large percentage of drivers won't give us the road to which we are legally entitled.

"they'd still blame it on the bus driver" - not me. I know bus drivers get little respect as it is. I yield when driving my car and riding my bicycle.

"That yield light applies to all vehicles" - Yes. However, if a bicyclist is riding correctly he/she is using the right side of the lane so the bus is pulling out opposite the side of the travel of the bicycle.

"If a bike pulls directly behind my bus servicing a stop (out of my field of vision), then decides, out of sheer impatience, they're going to pass me as I'm preparing to re-enter traffic, they fail to recognize this is perilous." - If the Yield sign isn't on yet (or if the driver doesn't use it (common) or if the bicyclist has already passed the sign) then it is a legal maneuver.

"Once they pull around the bus after the driver has already done an over-the-shoulder and mirror check, they're in imminent danger as the bus starts to move. I have saved many of them major pain by checking again in heavy bicycle traffic areas." - The bicyclist has no idea that the driver has completed an initial check. If the bicyclist is moving legally, blind spots are the problem of the driver. And the recognition that he/she is driving in a high bicycle area means the driver SHOULD be paying more attention to such traffic in the first place.

"Often, they'll flip me a bird as they leisurely pedal by." - Always uncalled for.

"They have no idea my pulse has doubled and my adrenalin is off the charts, because they just missed getting squashed. Because I was patient even though they were not, I saved their life." - Because he/she did the job correctly, he/she avoided getting into a collision with a vehicle that was moving legally although perhaps not smartly.

"The professional bike rider is smart. She (I will use the feminine here, because the lady riders lack the vast amount of testosterone found in most dummies) will signal a bus driver with every move she makes." - The attitude of this driver is palpable. I am a guy and find this statement offensive.

What it comes down to is this: if you're a safe bicyclist, you're going to recognize that you will never win against any motorized vehicle. So don't chance it. Follow all traffic rules, no matter how ridiculous they may seem (sitting a red light when there's no cross-traffic). If I have a question about whether I can safely (even if legally) make a move, I'd rather pull over and use a crosswalk. My safety first. But I'm so tired of these articles where it sounds like drivers (car or bus) are doing me a favor and sounding so high and mighty for simply doing what they're supposed to be doing in the first place.