Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crime is down on Trimet

You know what this reminds me of, the APTA report that said transit ridership was at all time highs. That turned out to be bogus. Being someone who listens daily to Trimet operations (via the scanner) there are plenty of incidents on Trimet. Most are not 'crimes' but only anti social behavior. Now if they had a measurement of ANTI SOCIAL behavior we might has something worth looking at.

The facts are you have a very small chance of getting mugged on the transit system, that much I know for sure.

TriMet and Transit Police make strides to deter crime: reported crime down more than 25 percent | TriMet News and Media Releases

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Anonymous said...

It is the "Sense of Safety" that matters to riders, not safety statistics. Though a few serial killer sprees on the Oranage Line may skew things. :-)

Hey TriMet, you want riders to tell their friends and family how safe and wonderful TriMet is and reap the rewards of increased ridership? Then clean the damn buses & trains and get some cops/volunteer ride-alongs to do enforcement/outreach from now on.

TriMet execs know all this stuff, they are transit pros. It's just not their job to care that you feel safe so they don't.

I went to a TriMet board meeting. Nary a mention of customer service/customer satisfaction statisitics related to key indicators for increasing ridership.

Not a surprise then that I see so much fear on the faces of vulnerable riders (and at times we are all vulnerable riders). It's almost as if it's by design.