Saturday, July 7, 2018

Calls July 4

She was beat up and needs to get to Portland. Driver will take her to Beaverton
Who needs doors that work
EMT’s take man away and don’t talk to driver. Also piss bus
Mental health issue
Sleeper says heart attack
Battery recharge
Bleeding from head
Bus rider thinks people are trying to kill him
Bus driver doesn’t like fireworks. Dispatch says chill
Bus driver says fire is too close
Trimet is hiring
Loud arc
Missed turn
I’ve asked her to leave the bus
Wheelchair fell off curb
Trespassing in the Portal
He got in my face. Appreciates dispatch
Sunset tc blocked
Getting calls from callbox on type 1
10 minutes hotT. Driver thought he should be on leaders time  newbie
Bus drivers not having fun
Ask riders for help. Newbie
Missed layover. Newbie
She crapped her pants and sat in my seats
Won’t get off. Pair of scissors
Frail rail
Newbie getting Trimetized
Making a deal out of nothing.  Sheesh
Bus driver requests help selling lemonade fir funeral expenses
Harry Sapporta wants pictures
Pool running under rider
Customer conduct. Drunk
Can’t do drop off without permission
Priority. Trying to light bench on fire
Printers are junk
Hit and run. Not trimet
Trying to make transfer
Bus driver didn’t read reroutes
Somebody moved barrier to middle of the street
Wrong turn. Lost
She’s still having a real fun time
Fare department watching by camera
There is no 61 stop. It’s 52
Rifle case
Puke train
No yamhill transit

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