Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Calls July 9

Courtesy ride 👍
Made a ruckus and stole my paddle called me a bitch
I have water all over my floor and no time to clean it up
Torturing bus drivers
Covert alarm
Body in street
Woman pissed at bus driver cussing out
Loud verbal he won’t shut up his touching customers
Puke train and couple arguing
Bus almost hit pedestrian
BB hit max window
Skateboard went under bus
Something happened with bus driver
Puke bus
Where’s the card she’s supposed to fill out?
Trip and fall
Max hard stop
What’s the code for the slips?
Bus smashed skate board
The woman has pissed on the seat
Bus can’t get by bus
Covert alarm
Lol. Man in bus shelter
Priority. Water bottle hit rider
Ramp stuck. Doesn’t know how to use it manually
I just rear ended someone. P. A.
Missed turn
Can’t find homeless camp
Elderly man is a threat to himself
Bottles and cans not allowed on lift
I’m so lost
Stroller cart bike  criminal
43mins early
P. A.
Trip and fall
Medical. Max
Lift driver hassled
Lift driver and dispatcher joke around

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