Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Calls July 1

Some sort of max mayhem
Crazy lady with breasts hanging out
Frappacino all over bus
Bus was ready for take off
Branches on tracks
Light rail fail
Bus blocked by dead max
Bus hit sign going around dead max
Trip and fall. Max
We don’t hold trains except for police
Hissing noise
Strange noises on train. Yelling
Train goes ding
Always something
Skateboarder threat
Cell phone stolen on bus 4
What do you call the thing that accepts the money
Something on the tracks
Something went under the train
Cart flies to the front of bus
Rider complains about radio playing
Woman throws food into the bus
Dead battery
Incident report
Not sure why they are so paranoid of names over the air
The go ahead girl having loads of fun
The Australian has rider with headache
Loud verbal,  he’s off now. No good dead goes unpunished
Deer killed by max
Something was crumbling in Fare box
Wasting energy on fares

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