Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Calls July 10

Cones blocking
Can’t get out of cab
12hour rule
Trip and fall
Ornery lift rider
Why are u late
Max riders say they will get operator fired
Gas can ‘brand new’
Busted shortlining
Biohazard train
Fare evader. Bus drivers don’t get it
Fight on bus
Bus rider upset with another bus driver about being skipped
He was touching himself
Bus driver went right by riders
Sleeper urinated
Riders angry with driver. (If it’s safe just stop for Christ’s sakes)
The stop was actually open.
Driver wants out  ( Just Mark off )
Luggage thief
Bicyclist hit
Bus blocking bus
Trouble in the transit mall
Lift rider pissed in bus
Junk equipment
Yellow jackets
LR is crap
Flipped me the bird
Baby stroller criminal with no baby
S. I. P.
Cops order green lines to stop
Girl being molested. Allegedly
Trimet is hiring
Not having fun. Poor thing is gonna crash and burn
No speedometer
Exhaust fumes
Leaking red fluid
Messing with max control box
Lift rider ‘not Accepted’
Hitting 3 year old. Not from Amerika
Guy next to railing on drugs
Fence is open. Who cares. This guy
Bags of cans leaking. Denied
Yellow liquid

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