Saturday, July 7, 2018

Calls July 5 (00:00-15:54)

Puke bus
Lift driver sick
Ridiculous train order
Made wrong turn. Good luck
Lift snafu
Lift driver makes big mistake
Loud verbal. Calling bus driver stupid
Go ahead still surprisingly working extra
Mentally ill and verbal
In the door fighting
Station agents drop the ball
Good luck bus driver
Bus driver gonna get cited.  Oh boy
I don’t know how they can remember these train orders
Worried about   S. I. P
Customer service fail
Missed turn
Oh Jesus. Driving bus drivers insane
Can’t find bathroom
Police didn’t show up. Bus left location. Dispatch says hold. Woops
Bus driver was hit in the head
Priority. Woman wants ambulance. She can’t see
Who needs doors
Dog took off out of supervisor car
Trash can on fire.

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