Saturday, July 14, 2018

Calls July 12 (15:00-24:00)

Sun kinks
No relief
Watch out for this woman
Drunk and disorderly
Spilled beer kicked off bus
A guy on board is obnoxious
Passing at bus stop
Rocks thrown at bus
Bus drivers not happy with bus drivers. Dispatch screwed up
Accident report. Probably p.a.
Loud verbal. He threatened me and stole my paddle
Drivers not showing up for work
No relief. She wants to go home
Loud verbal. Yelling a bunch ✂️ trans
Banged window on bus
Bus driver some sort of issue
Loud verbal. Dog
Bus driver not happy with bus driver
Police emergency. Bus driver saw crash
Lift rider has motion sickness
Bus driver wants to document something
No operators

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