Monday, July 2, 2018

Calls June 30

I have a 99. Aka sleeper
Crazy man on max
Train died. Split train
Operator worried about being early. Controller says relax
Woman strips naked on the max
Protesters on trimet
Fireworks allowed
Bus drivers not having fun
Deters accident report. P. A
Somebody jumped into water
Drinking on bus and threatened to kill rider
20 bus turns into bus 62 by mistake
Train just stops
Max mayhem
Why is light rail such crap
Oven on tires
Dispossessed in bus shelter
Charcoal on platform
Go ahead girl (my most favorite newbie)
Trimet ad poster fell off and injured rider
Drug test
Woman flies out of seat and gets injured
Bus drivers food stolen
Violent and angry
Accident report
They’re turning into a problem
Hostage on lift
Covert alarm
Passenger hit covert
Lift driver injured
Bus drivers not having fun
Sun kink
Poor newbie
Trimet bonus a/c
Lift bus blocked by barrels
Tracking bus drivers
Bus cameras are loud
Driver wants union rep
See manager
Lift comms fail
Missed the turn
Fall on bus
Lift dispatch is never closed
Missed ‘tickner’ Lol. Or not
2 max trips lost
Can you turn me around I’m off route
Customer conduct. He became frustrated. Felt intimidated
Customer service complaint. Doors not open at layover. Sip
Rider wants supervisor. Denied
How do I get this stupid cash box to stop beeping?
Grease coming out of tire

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