Thursday, July 12, 2018

Calls July 11

Max is junk
Courtesy ride 👍
Trimet is hiring
Shit bus
You rolled without sending me ready for service. Phone stolen
I don’t know what the lights on the bus mean
Truck driver vs max driver
I want to report an incident. He ran over the ladies foot
Red knob
Piss bus
He’s got guns, knives, machetes, bullet proof vests
Here she is! My fav
I’m not trying to be a princess
Can u do something with my leader
Lift rider tripped
Strange man tried to pick up lady
Covert alarm (why is the quality so bad )
Operator doesn’t want P.A
Skipped blind stop
Workers are yelling at me to go but I can’t go
I don’t want you to think I’m a blooming idiot
No Bon Bon bakery
ICEY truck. N. P. A
The nasty bathroom
I’m here at cedar hills enjoying the sun
Say hi to Marion.
Driver not happy with driver
Bus driver worried about Spanish speaking riders
Truck takes out mirror
Trimet is hiring
Go ahead girl
More mirrors
Supervisor busts Red light
Mirror swipe. He was crowding the line
My pouch got stolen
Bus rear ended
Nobody seems to care
Something not smelling right
Trying to rub her leg

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