Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Calls July 2 (00:00-17:46)

57 bus hit dog (dog died)
Someone on bus 54 called 911
Rider complains about bus hard stop. God will repay. Management has everyone paranoid
Columbia gorge vs trimet
Assault on bus
Bus operator thought other bus operator was a homeless man and bomb was cooler
Man blocks bus
Max operator surprised to see people in tracks
Can bus go by max?
Customer conduct. Rider v rider. Lol
Camper hits mirror
Bus driver vs bicyclist
Lift rider bumps head
Some sort of max mayhem
🔪🔪🔪. Bus driver nervous
Scanner regular with usual problems
Who knows what this guy is doing. Max
Bad seat. Bad joke
Loomis truck crash
Bus stuck in neighborhood
Kicked the door and broke it. Doesn’t know what set him off
Drinking whiskey
Busted hot. With explanation. Denied
Bus drivers not having fun. Dispatch says open door policy
Dog causes havoc
Gas can
Fight on bus
Max comes to hard stop cause light rail is crap
He’s blocking me and gave me the finger
Car door vs bus N.p.a
Jason always in shit
Trimet is hiring ! Meet interesting people
BB gun. Denied
Priority. Off route
2 drunk females threatened riders
Lift driver has the shits
Mentally unstable
Dispossessed. Max

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