Sunday, July 8, 2018

Calls July 5 (15:54-24:00) July 6 (00:00-19:11)

Operator shaken
Drivers are told not to deal with fares but they refuse to comply then blame dispatch
New controller
Bus rider falls out of seat
Always trespassing
Somebody threw something at the bus and broke the window
Some sort of bus incident
Hit and run
Priority. Route blocked
Why are you hot
No relief. Superhero
Another rider ripped off
Deters writing up drivers
Door keeps opening and batteries come out
Bus driver complains about lift buses
Bus drivers not happy with bus drivers
Kicked door and broke glass
Commandeered max train
Sends message cause he loaded a wheelchair
People were stuck in elevator
Not from my culture
Vomiting 🤮 and no fare
Blood on the lift bus
Hit mirror twice
Shopping cart old lady criminals who don’t speak English
Unsafe bus
Priority. Bus driver had t-bone accident
Unsafe wheelchair
Gate open to tracks
Courtesy ride 5 ⭐️
Bus driver not having fun
Bus driver with high ethical standards 5⭐️
Trip and fall
I like the way this operator answers the radio. 5⭐️
Loud altercation on bus
Baby stroller criminal
Priority. Man was pulled off bus but he’s back. Can’t hold past against riders
Loud verbal and pissed her pants
Messing with riders is never a good idea. Leave them be
Loud verbal. Just nuts
Deters incident report regarding riders and broken cell phone
Loud verbal. Dog out of control
Unhappy ADA
Man stops train

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