Monday, July 9, 2018

Calls July 6-7-8 (00:00-08:53)

Very quick scan falling too far behind

Snorting stuff up his nose (who cares)
Double load. Bicyclist says he’s stranded.
Bus 💩out ðŸ˜‚
Max has a flat
Thank god rail has buses
Torturing bus drivers
Graffiti criminal. Big deal
Operator not picking up passengers at authorized stop. If it’s not dangerous pick them up👎🏻
Bus driver 🤮
Push the button and drive. Who cares. What a waste of energy
Service excellence trip re shooting
I’ve been trying to talk to you for 15 minutes. Lost
Deters always busting drivers. Dispatch disagrees. Deters speechless
Emergency intercom,  denied
Love the newbies
Lift driver has dangerous job and bad conditions
Talk to Richard and hold the 6
It’s Chef Jeff. 5⭐️  Sounds like an ad
CTran reports bike on tracks
Call box activated
Female has fallen and wants medical. Bus was not moving. Boy was this operator efficient
He soiled himself
Expo locks out lift
Trimet is hiring. Meet interesting people
Favorite accent
Not having fun.
They’ll never fix the printers
Driver needs to eat.
Chickens on the max tracks
I hit a parked car
Surprised there are not more max crashes
Max hard stop
Lift rider puked 🤮
Sick operator
Can’t read signal due to son
Here she is. My fav newbie
Priority. Man harassing riders. Denied
Priority. Bus rear ended
Didn’t do reroute
Loud verbal. Was told not to pick him up. F bomb
No one got hurt. Arm stuck in door
Trimet is hiring
Bus rider wants bus driver to kick people with puppy off
Man took a fall on max platform
Gunfire at pier park
Max sleeper

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