Friday, July 6, 2018

Calls July 3 (8:54-24:00)

Baby stroller criminal
Worried about rider
Wow. These radios are crap
Problem max rider
Tripped leaving bus
Bus driver photographed
There’s a guy beating my bus and he hit 2 people
D. O. T. Card violation
Van hits mirror. Keeps going
Help the newbies
Bus driver kicked
Reroute request. Denied. Lift. Lol
Max rider reports smoke. New controller
Valarie has fallen. Lift
Drivers have been told to push fare evasion and proceed. They just won’t do it
Lift rider falls
Lift drivers get in trouble going over bumps in the road
Silent alarm
Back of bus was open. Driver astonished
Riders put (2) five day passes into the fare box
Bus driver wants to change dead head
Pickup truck takes off gate arm
Va gun street
Poor newbies
Bus drivers not happy with bus drivers
Bike rack fail
Seizure on lift
Always trespassing
Unsafe mirror
Bus is incommunicado
Steve Morgan
Bark dust fire
Lift driver ‘pinched’
Car hit bus with mirror
Heat or a/c. One or the other only
Accident report. P. A.
Torturing bus drivers
Insane woman

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