Saturday, July 14, 2018

Calls. July 12

only made it to 15:00

Lift driver has break right when she leaves the yard
New dispatcher trying to figure out the question
Loud verbal. Cans
My alternator took a dump
Bus driver torture
I love this guys use of English. 👍
Really messed up max door
Toddler out of control
Missed turn
New controllers. New dispatchers. Lots of new people
Lift rider falls
Bus driver wants a longer break
Thanks for caring. I’m fine
Rocks thrown at max
16stranded passengers
Hand brake is to hard to pull
Bruce witnesses and accident
Junk equipment
20 01 request to talk I missed my turn again
Bus driver flagged down
They called trimet
High horn. Flipped the bird
Groping female operator
Bus door handle goes nuts
Bed bugs reported on bus

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