Sunday, July 1, 2018

Calls June 28 (17:04-24:00) June 29 (00:00-13:02)

No mechanicals or other common incidents

Bus hard stop causes injury to 75 year old
Bus driver gets food that he just bought stolen by man who forced his way on the bus
Missed turn dispatch not pleased
Lift driver let rider off at wrong place
Baby stroller criminal
Trimet employee hit something
Somebody hit my bus
I hit a car
Car wouldn’t let bus in.
Assistant manager 7202
I just had an accident. Poor driver
Max riders want out!
Loud verbal. Disturbing passengers
Scary turn
Go ahead girl having a lot of fun at trimet
Passed out on platform
This guy cracks me up
Man harassing women
Need crosswalk for train to go
Bus driver worried about rider
Man was beaten bad
2 men taking pictures
Laying across all the back seats
Car upside down
Sick on bus
I struck a mirror. P. A.
Puke train
Bus driver gets photo ticket
Bus drivers not having fun
Suicidal lady
Accident report
Accident report   P. A.

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