Sunday, July 1, 2018

Calls June 29 (13:02-24:00)

no mechanicals or other common incidents

I got mooned
He doesn’t touch young children
Priority. He was rude. Lol
Pole was under train
Left bag under seat and it smells
Dog denied
Walking down middle of the street. Police aware
Bike in the bus. Denied
Bus driver was shoved
Rolfe wants to amend reroute. Approved
Gate arm
Lift vs safe transit
Sleeping and falling and bleeding
Requesting lift bus😂
Samsung fare evader
Trip and fall
Drunk lady with a beer falls
Trip and fall
Lift driver takes wrong person
Bus driver almost got hit by rental truck
Not having fun
Torturing bus drivers
Debris on platform
Mirrors. Bus was moving
Not having fun
Bus drivers vs bus drivers
Priority. Hit mirror. P. A.
Sick bus driver
Trouble on the train
Car backs into lift bus
Loud verbal. Talking about war, trimet, police
Ports mouth I guess it’s called?
Unhappy lift driver

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