Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Editorial by Neil Berlin

Just trust this TriMet management and its Board of Directors?  Look at their current, let alone past record of spending of tax dollars,the results, low ridership and more crime.  The solution to our,your problems,is just let us get into your wallet.
 TriMet  has become nothing more than a "capitalization Ponzzi scheme".  Let us,TriMet,keep building anything to keep the current structure of bureaucracy not only in place,but to grow even larger.  An increase in pay for management to follow shortly.  Does the community face problems of growth?  Yes.  This current group of transportation managers can not even manage, let alone maintain what is already in place.  To look to them for solutions is folly.  How they treat the rank and file is another disturbing issue;just ask Union 757 ATU.  The public is welcomed to speak to the TriMet Board of Directors:  "You got 3 minutes to talk."  Then you will receive the polite "Thank you.  Next...".  Community out reach is again nothing more most of the time,a coronation of predetermined action by TriMet.  The public record  of these 3 minute inputs,testimonies, at the out reaches and Board  hearings will bear the truth that they might hear, but not listen.  The current bureaucracy would not know the truth, even if they just made it up.  So it goes... Two Bells.

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