Monday, April 6, 2020


-Wants to board with 3 bags of cans! Dispatch says there will be no cans soon -Line 67 Passenger hasn’t paid and won’t go out the rear doors -Unhappy passenger at 185th&Merlo -Plugging into the break room at RQ 😲😲 -No keys 🔑 for restroom -Accident Synopsis Bus involved with Cyclist -sleepers of course -What reroute are you following? What reroute? Missed sunset TC - -Line 77 missed the turn and know she’s stuck -Line 6 Operator Explains loud verbal to Bynum and he explains up to 15 people -Line 15 Stuck and Can’t make the turn -Line 6 Customer Conduct Yelling and racial slurs 3000s can carry 12 -More Line 63 confusion -Line 72 Drinking vodka on max platform -Line 33 Throwing pop cans at the bus -Line 67 Pull over at the next stop Stop sign Police looking for someone on your bus Bus -Line 12 She’s off the bus Bus Bynum offers a counseling session -Line 12 Loud Verbal She’s refusing to pay

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