Thursday, April 23, 2020

Trimet bus radio-April 21 (3) + 22

-Line 71 I’m brand new back from rail and went into Parkrose backwards
-Line 17 Passed up operator
-Line 72 Loud Verbal
-Luggage at Clackamas TC
-line 6 complain about fare
-Guy sitting on the floor and acting wierd.
-20s back on regular route. What is foc and phase 2?
-He got off and know he’s on the 67
-Bynon will have supervisor meeting at merlo
-Line 12 Pass ups
-Deters gives a report of someone with Knives Hocho and Gun at 60th&Foster
-PCC Sylvania Restroom
-5534 Emergency Police cars revolving light Fire Fire Just cleaning the screen
-Can’t make right turn onto interstate from Lombard.
-Line 44 The road is closed after 4pm. The reroute sheet says 7-4
-Line 9 Pass up
-Line 74 Big Fire
-Line 12 Operator got out of the seat  and told someone to turn down radio
-Line 2 Your leader need to be in front
-Scanner star  calls in high speed pursuit on Powell
-When’s the last 15 or max?
-Line 75 He’s laying down on the floor and won’t get off.
-Line 15 He’s standing in the middle of the aisle and won’t move
-Line 20 Mirrors
-Line 72 Reroute confusion
-Damn Doors
-Line 75 Pass up
-Line 57 Yelling and screaming at Forrest Grove and operator doesn’t feel comfortable
-Last 20 out of Gresham?
-Operator says they are tired and Bynon makes her pull over.  No windshield wipers
-Windshield wipers  Bynon says they don t come out for a while.
-Silent alarm

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