Tuesday, April 21, 2020

TRIMET BUS RADIO-April 20 (4) + 21


-Line 57 13 people on board
-No mechanic
-Left turn signal
-Line 75 Sleep
-Scanner star
-Line 75 Blocked by
-Line 15 Coughing with no mask Bynon says let em ride
-More Line 75 problem at Knott
-Line 20 Stop Stop sign on 17th?
-Line 75 Wrong turn
-Line 57 Answer with block
-Line 12 Operator stresses about fares
-Line 75 Won’t stay behind yellow line. Swearing and raising his voice.
-Line 78 Wrong bus Bynom says pull out repair
-Line 6 complain about fare
-Damn Doors
-Line 77 Man with blood all over his head at RQ
-Line 57 Warning
-Line 57 Ada issues
-Line 19 Drunk trying to get on
-Can you do one trip on the 47? It was because of me relief.
-Line 72 Flat Duals
-Seat Seat alarm  with a cut cord
-Line 75 Your off route and super early
-“Very large urine spread”
-Line 72 Passenger thinks people are trying to shoot him.
-Line 35 Blocked by medical
-Line 52 I left early
-Powell Shuttle Dont pass up maintenance workers in plain clothes
-Line 75 He was conscious and breathing. Possible overdose situation.
-Soda pop thrown at bus
-Line 57 Jose were you driving this run yesterday?
-Victor Scanner star
-Ron has the 15 covered

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