Monday, April 27, 2020

Neal Berlin

TriMet management rarely ever fire one of their own.  They give the person who they want out the door a “Special Assignment “.
That is the code, you have very little time to find a new job elsewhere.  Now the exception to that standard operating procedure, is when the media is hot on the trail of a story that will expose the incompetence of upper management. That being the case, someone is thrown under the bus or tied to rails and publicly named, by his or hers management title and lead off the property ASAP with an escort holding a cardboard box of their possessions from their desk.  TriMet code of project my ass gives no quarter to how long, loyal or if the person had anything to due with the problem.  TriMet eats their own without any salt or pepper.  As stated in the book, Darkness At Noon: “It is I who dies,so that we may live.”.
This attitude shows up on how the Rank & File are viewed and treated. This self evident in the SIP process and investigations of wrong doing: the tribunal of The Spanish Inquisition are the model TriMet looks to: GULITY! Next case!
If you like a list of mangers who have met the above criteria I have mentioned, just message me, Via Facebook Messenger,leave a phone number and have at least 20 minutes and cold beer in hand while I tell you true tails of TriMet.   So it goes...Two Bells.

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