Saturday, April 25, 2020

TRIMET bus radio-April 23 (3) + 24 (3)

-Line 54 Pulling our in pass up
-Line 33 Gentleman came unglued
-Line 9 Walking right up the tracks
-Loud 57 Stroller
-Toyota blocking bus zone downtown
-Crazy meth lady at Sunset TC.
-Bus 4034 Passenger threw up!
-Line 12 Medical
-Line 44 Bus got egged
-Garbage and an Ax reported at 10th&Jefferson
-Line 20 The disposed bleeding with no shoes
-Line 2 Woman clinching a bunch of 20s in her hand and might be victimized
-Banging on the window and yelling. Pull over and check for damage.
-Bynum getting paid to get lost
-85 bus slammed
-cops with bus driver
-Whoa! ODOT checking up on Trimet.
-Can’t get out of train

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