Friday, April 24, 2020

TRIMET bus radio- April 23 (2) + 24

-Line 4 Operator feels insecure and unsafe without security door
-Line 4 No official policy on security door trades Line 4 Bus Trade
-Line 12 Operator calls and ask Bynon about the dispatch position
-Line 20 He wouldn’t move out of priority seating
-Line 57 Sleep
-Line 75 Loud verbal
-Bicycle rack in the layover spot
-Little Leon
-Line 6 Pass up
-Line 57 Operator witnessed T Bone accident
-8101 pull out time?
-No Relief
-Line 8 No barrier door
-77 off route
-Line 72 Girl didn’t take her medication
-Little Leon on board the 20
-7 minutes Hot/Arrived 11 minutes Hot/Line 62 arrived at Millikan way 7 minutes hot
-Line 12 Customer Conduct Sandy!!!
-Line 8 Biohazard
-Line 8 Ambulance
-Deters on this operator about time points/Bynon&Deters teaming up on time points.
-Line 72 Pass ups
-Line 2 Operator I’ll Can you bring IB Profin?
-Line 4 Drunk man underneath the bus at layover. Dispatch expects operator to to try and move the guy
-Line 72 Ambulance for chest pains
-Road sup got drunk guy at Line 4 l/o
-Line 6 Liquid  Biohazard sign in ADA
-Walker full of crap at BTC
-12 Year old missed the 20
-Line 4 He fell and pissed on the side of the building and he’s drunk
-Bus supervisor to Hollywood TC

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