Tuesday, April 14, 2020


-Line 14 East on 82nd Bynom says 82nd is north to south -Line 15 reroute confusion -Line 20 Did you pass up more than 1 person?? -Line 57 What kind of a load do you have? -Get the keys to the big van and bring them to Powell garage? -Line 33 Truck stopped in front! PA -He was transported! -Best option for test is the motor home! -Line 33 Medical Hospital Emergency Police cars revolving light Fell out of seat and hurt his back. -Line 54 They’ll get your relief next trip downtown at 12:44 -They guy at BTC got up! -Line 54 Your relief marked off and you have no relief -Unconscious at BTC -Line 75 Operator thinks they might see a body at Pier Park CLICK HERE!

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