Sunday, April 26, 2020

Trimet bus radio-April 25 (2) + 26

-5th&Davis car in bus stop
-Line 57 Suspect on bus
-Line 20 Biohazard
-Line 77 Feces Grand&Main
-Line 77 police taking guy off bus
-Can we hold the 88 at willow creek?
-Line 15 at capacity
-Line 15 Hearing challenge
-Hatch behind drivers seat  flopping around
-237 but I turn into a bus bridge
-704 Did you just transfer a bunch of people 
-Line 9!The disposed standing in front of bus at north terminal
-Line 54 Pass up 2 people
-Line 12 Pass ups
-Line 57 Bus driver thinks he sees missing/wanted person
-Line 6 Drunk&Sleep
-Line 72 Pass up
-Line 6 KTA bus driver
-Line 78 Off route
-Line 2 Customer coming off of Meth! He’s yelling and bouncing all over.
-Line 17 Reroute confusion
-Some guy acting strange
-Line 62 Interlock
-Holding Syringe Syringe in his hand at RQ
-Electric Bus Fail
-Line 14 Sleep
-Line 2 Domestic violence and she’s screaming for policE
-Line 71 Blood on her shirt
-Line 12 Stroller Sandy!!!
-Line 2 KTA on the disposed
-Line 12 Here’s the spitting call
-Line 12 Silent Alarm
-Line 20 calls in about another 20 belt hanging out

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