Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Trimet bus radio April 6 (3)

-The restroom is closed at orenco...Hours of business? -Hop charged him! Is it good the rest of the day? -sleepers of course -puke buses -no reliefs -Line 6 Hit parked truck downtown PA -Baby in stroller -Line 77 missed the turn -Line 17 Rear ended at 122nd&Holgate -Line 12 I have two gentleman on board he’s saying their spouse have #coronavirus -Car on fire -The disposed trashing the bus shelter -Line 51 just stop Stop sign your bus -Line 44 Fell out of the back door -Line 9 Medical Hospital Emergency -Line 70 I’m confused -Line 75 Drunk&disorderly -Line 17 Outer housing came off -Line 75 Customer upset with one of the other drivers! -Line 17 Accident Synopsis NPA -Are you having any trouble with satellite -Line 18 confusion

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