Wednesday, April 29, 2020


-Ban bikes
-Line 72 at the max platform. We’re the KCM? 
-So many machete dudes it's hard to keep up with
-Always someone "visiting" public property but at least he has socks!
-Just chuck it
-Machete dude just won't go away
-Close down Parkrose for Mr. Machete
-Lost their backpack. Some homeless dude probably already started a campfire with it. Losers!
-Mid day siesta
-Train 4 is at the zoo! He loves the zoo apparently.
-Some transients escaped Skid Row Fountain and are stealing electricity
-Ban The Can
-Number one or number two? Trimet Twitter must know!
-Another can call. If your cans don't fit you must exit!
-Operator F'd up big here! (Probably humping since reservations in the break rooms are hard to get)
-Electricity thief needs to be cuffed and stuffed!
-Hope it's Starbucks!
-He pushed me...Trimet MMA!
-Trespasser doesn't give a damn
-Should put all these people in the cage down town!
-Dude is going to go play in the freeway
-Another visitor this time at Hollywood
-Crappy schedule
-Love is in the air and chains are in hand
-Broken glass. Can it still be taken to the bottle drop?
-Just a guy peeing on the train. Nothing to see here.
-Just entertaining other riders
-Crossing arms working great
-Just let Mr. Poopy Pants ride. Who cares if others must smell it.
-Well established camp? Drug test her ASAP
-Good job MAX maintenance workers! Forgetting crap like riders now.
-Scanner star
-Customer called me an F” Bitch as he walked by 
-Line 20 He got off
-Scanner star
-Last 35 out of OTC?
-Line 2 Loud Verbal
-Line 20 Fight outside
-Line 72 Pass up
-Line 70 Didn’t pull into 1st position
-Line 72 Pass up
-Line 24 Confusion 
-Line 73 Medical  Can’t breath and puking
-Line 75 No relief
-Line 72 Bus may be leaking diesel
-Line 97 Stop at Tualitan library
-Line 15 Yelling and hitting bus
-Line 2 Wagon
-Line 73 Verbal
-Line 77 No leash on dog ! 
-Line 57 Biohazard
-Line 33 Wagon
-Line 73 KTA driver
-Line 15 No relief
-Line 58 Two gentleman have a dog 🐕 and acted aggressively Bring out the dog

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