Monday, April 20, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-April 19 (2) + 20

-Line Baby in stroller Securement
-Line 75 Emergency Police cars revolving light Medical Hospital Sandy!!!!
-Line 19 Lost
-Line 15 Confused Man shrugging Passenger
-Line 75 Coughing all over and operator asks him to cover his mouth Mouth [Operator insists on removing passenger ]
-Line 14 Destroying property and starting a riot. Possible weapon.
-Line 6 Illegal Street car racers a Jantzen Beach
-Line 20 Operators Report! He just really scared me!
-When your on the radio it sounds like a blown speaker!
-Line 12 Pass up He’s been passed up 3 times
-Line 8 Fight at bus stop
-Line 2 Multiple Pass ups 40 minutes to next bus
-Bicycle  missing from bus
-Line 54 He threw the do not sit there on the floor

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