Sunday, April 5, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-March 5 (2)

-How many did you leave at Gresham TC? There all non essentials.
-Glass bottle shattered by the front door.
-Line 2 Heads up There’s a bunch of non essentials at Gresham TC No 24 hour service
-Hwy 30 ramp shut down
-Line 15 wierd mechanical call
-Can you clarify for me 10-15 passengers?
-Sleep Sleeping
-He’s taking the screws out of the seat
-I misread my paddle! I’m supposed to be in Oregon city not Clackamas TC
-Seat belt is stuck
-3 screws missing on Ada ramp
-Line 70 Short line Question
-Line 20 She looks like she’s goona pass out. Snot running out of her nose.
-Is she having a hard time breathing?
-All new operators have been instructed on everything 
-No Relief
-Line 57 She called 238-Ride and put it on speaker phone 
-“He’s sunbathing in the street”

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