Sunday, April 5, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-April 4 (2) + 5th

-Worried about his cans
-Removing the sleeper
-acting crazy, laughing, screaming
-won't get off
-wait for dispatcher
-he's just sitting there
-Line 6 Customer conduct
-Line 6 Customer says they have Covid-19
-Line 6 Operator can’t determine wether she has the virus or not. Management says roll. We can’t take every bus out of service. 
-Supervisor is now a tour guide for the visitor
-Line 72 Emergency Police cars revolving light Fire Fire
-Line 6 She’s coughing and I don’t have a supervisor available and can’t send police.
-Highly intoxicated
-Lady spit or upset?
-Line 6 Operator has sore throat (Operator wants to mark off) 
-Mind my own business
-Line 20 He was throwing something away and I told him not too
-Line 20 There will be an extra following you 
-Line 20 She’s got a black eye and dizzy She just got out of hospita
-#Trimet secret footage released
-Did they transport her? When you get to Gresham there’s a bunch of non essentials waiting there.

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