Monday, April 20, 2020


-Damn Doors
-Watch your stop signs.
-Damn Doors
-Sign says no left turn
-Line 75 confusion
-Why don’t we have Hillsboro do it?
-Line 19 KTA Hand truck denied
-Line 51 Lost
-Sandy! Sandy!
-Line 15 Henry Beasley
-Line 57 Police Oncoming police car Gentleman wants to turn himself in because he missed court date
-Line 75 Physical Violence at 33rd Dekum on the street
-Line 12 You denied do to no Hop?
-Line 57 KTA Cans
-No paper Roll of paper towels at Pier Park
-Kitty! Kitty! Meow! Meow!
-Line 14 No reroute in the pouch
-Victor Scanner Star
-Did TriMet change can policy?
-Operator grabbed the wrong
-41st&Knott Turn issues Line 75
-Am or Pm?

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