Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Trimet radio-April 21 (2)

-Line 17 Cad downThumbs down Time piece and paddle
-Line 6 You are running early! Pullout your time piece
-Line 14 Center Garage Confusion about work he signed
-Line 57 No Hop
-1706 Line training
-More Line 75 Illegal left turn calls
-Line 4 Open container and drinking
-Line 12 Guy at parkrose Tc with pants Jeans halfway down and no underwear.
-You missed Everett and the Steel bridge
-Line 57 Pass ups
-cursing is free speech
-Line 8 Hot
-Line 75 No Relief
-Line 12 Operator Pic Taken Sandy!!!!!
-Line 12 Panhandling on the bus
-Line 2 You heading the wrong direction
-Line 4 Loud Verbal

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