Tuesday, April 21, 2020


-Looking for operator 20138? Call your station agent.
-Line 17 Big truck with a hose
-4867 call your station agent
-Line 2 Can we refuse ridership do to no masks?  nope
-Line 12 Pass ups
-Line 12 Full
-Line 20 You may be leaking coolant
-Window flew open before I hit the freeway. I tied it shut.
-Line 75 Another call on illegal left turn
-Line 75 Stumbled and hit his knee
-Large wet spot at BTC
-Line 57 Passing up a hole bunch of people. Bynom says no extras and don’t bother calling.
-Line 15 Open Container
-Line 33 only hit it when you actually pass up
-Line 77 Rider called in and said you denied boarding do to fare
-Line 17 This run is new. Follow your paddle and watch
-More Line 75 Reroute confusion
-Line 12 Full
-Line 74 We need immediate maintenance on the porta pottie What alternative restroom
-Open alcohol Beer mug on 122nd&Rhome  and peeing in the shelter
-Line 17 Holgate is closed
-Need an extra to make a left on Yeon
-Line 15 Henry Beasley
-Line 2 Biohazard
-Line 9 Are you able to print a day ticket?
-Line 62 Ron I’m having an Offroute Cad problem
-Line 14 Woman coughing and spitting. Bus driver already spent 19 days in quarantine.
-Victor Scanner Star
-Line 72 Violent Gentleman hitting busses
-Cup of urine at Division and 130th
-C-Tran blocking at Jantzen beach
-ine 6 Someone Poop Pile of poo on the bus
-Good to roll at Jantzen beach
-Line 24 Reroute Confusion
-Ruby station agent RDO work?

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