Monday, October 15, 2012

Excellence in bus stop design, part II
Photo taken this morning at about 7:20 AM, corner of S.W. 6th Avenue and Mill Street.  Train 9467 stopped with its rear door lined up with the crosswalk, and the rear of the bus within the intersection - because TriMet insists that too many routes use the 6th & Market stop while only two routes stop previous to Mill (routes 8 and 9) and the stop itself was not in use by any bus.

Excellence in bus stop design

Funny text message exchange between me and another blogger

FYI - railvolution is going on in LA this week...


One if the more pernicious hoaxes that have been perpetuated on people  about me since I have become semi 'famous' (in an underground way) is that I have been a spy for the conservative moment. "I feed the conservative agenda and am hastening the downfall of unionism"

The accusation is hilarious and was first leveled at me by someone who really has some serious issues themselves, but the false charge has stuck on me.

Recently I had another dispute with union members, this one over Lane Jensen's RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Excellent coverage of dispute at ATU 757

Heintzman wants as many votes as possible to come from his core supporters: retirees and workers in units outside Portland. Hansen wants the opposite.
“He has had one of his cronies challenge the election,” Hansen wrote Sunday night, a sneering reference to Heintzman’s network of loyalists.
“For these times, you need tough leaders,” Heintzman said in a phone interview, an equally sneering dismissal of the less-educated Hansen. “While people have good intentions, you know, you would not want a custodian doing brain surgery.”

Longer version of the now famous uppercut bus driver

Could you imagine some silly place like TRIMET actually trying to prosecute any of the people filming this now famous incident because they recorded somebody having 'private' conversation. That is TRIMET's latest attempt to stop free flow of information from its 'top secret' Transit district. Good luck Trimet with that.

Can you imagine what would have been the result of an incident like this in the geeks paradise known as Portlandia. The place where a hit TV show mocks the citizens of Portland? The epicenter of 'over the top' political correctness.
I can just envision KATU and Joe Rose going to town if something like this had occurred here in geek city. WOW, what a thought, a bus driver going that crazy and being human!