Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cameron Whitten freaks out over water leak on the streetcar

Not sure what the hub bub is about
Whitten said he approached the streetcar operator three times about a leaky vent, and each time the driver responded with increasing hostility, telling Whitten to leave him alone. Eventually, he was asked to leave, and refused. He was taken off the streetcar by Portland police and given a citation for trespassing in the second degree.
Whitten is on the boards of both the Portland Bureau of Transportation and TriMet, and is a believer in making public transit accessible for everyone. Yet, he has sworn off the streetcar for life.

"I was told who I am is illegal, and trying to keep my community safe and being a whisteblower -- all these things are wrong and I should just shut up or be painted as a criminal," Whitten said Saturday afternoon.
Diane Dulken, a spokeswoman for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, said the agency could not confirm Whitten's version of events. She said the bureau is reviewing reports from the streetcar operator and the supervisor who showed up, as well as the call log from the streetcar. Officials also have an appointment to talk with Whitten next week.
Dulken said the bureau might have more information about the event early next week.

Activist Cameron Whitten refuses to leave Portland Streetcar, cited after complaining about leaky vent |

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