Sunday, May 31, 2015

One of the most fascinating pieces of Portland/Trimet propaganda I have ever seen

The video below the break was posted via the tweeter feeds. This was posted by SQUID VICIOUS on his feed then promptly re-posted on JOE ROSES feed. (mainstream media)

 "Squid Vicious" is allegedly a Trimet bus driver. Nothing negative about Trimet ever appears on his feed. Interestingly he is also a PHOTOGRAPHER.

Anyway that video was fascinating. There were so many subliminal messages (actually they weren't even subliminal, it was clearly  connecting future 'progress' with the Trimet. I use 'the' Trimet because Trimet  is not a person, its an institution) in that video I felt compelled to look into its source who turns out to be UNCAGE THE SOUL . (how's that for 'new age'). "Uncage The Soul" turns out to be  a for profit media company with some sort of association with OFF THE WALL MEDIA

So now we know that 'someone' (or multiple) people or organizations paid for this production. I don't think it takes an genius IQ to see that TRIMET definitely had a hand in this video.
Just watch those obvious Trimet subliminal messages  that flash across that video, they are quite stunning are they not? The video effects in this production are quite exceptional.

Anybody that knows anything about the politics here know that the three levels of bureaucracy work hand in hand to promote their joint agenda. That's the CITY OF PORTLAND, METRO , and "Trimet".(also known as the Goldschmidt Gang) What is there agenda? To expand their power, their wealth and their version of crony capitalism. A version that works very well if you're one of the cronies or government officials.  It would be my guess that all three entities had a hand in this production although the Oregonian (which is always pushing an agenda and is the mouthpiece for the oligarchs) is credited.

Furthermore these "uncage the soul" productions are featured on the TED TALKS media presentations.  Now "Ted Talks" are not exactly news shows.  They are rather a sort of MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER  theater, an Infomercial. 
If you want to hear a great analysis of Ted Talks watch THIS VIDEO which tells you the truth about these ted talks. (I love the last line of the speech: "in the US the right wing has certain media channels which allow them to bracket reality, other constituencies have TED")

It's really incredible stuff. Some old lady talks about "all the changes in Portland". Listen to 'Grandma" she knows.   Its really off the hook. I mean Goebbels himself  would be shocked  to see just how far media propaganda has gone.

And to top things off there was yet another media release about the stupid Bridge of the Oligarchs.  (the never ending barrage of pro trimet bridge propaganda just doesn't stop)
Our government masters are so good at defrauding the public they actually gave it the name "Tillikum" (or till i cum) which translated means "bridge of the people". The irony being of course that hardly any actual people will ever use that bridge. The bridge will serve the tiniest percentage of citizens. We will never know the exact amount of profit that was made on the MLR but standard rule of thumb for construction companies is 50% profit to the corporate owners. Its safe to assume that $750 million went into the pockets of the various insiders via construction and consultant contracts etc.

Portland is such a media creation. But it works, they have manufactured the kind of Portland they set out to create. And the insiders are making billions along the way.

It's not the Portland I moved to 20 years ago that's for sure.

Tilikum Crossing from Dronescape Media Consulting on Vimeo.

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Erik H. said...

What really bothers me is how we talk about "what we've lost" and what we are doing to bring "it" back. But every action has winners, and losers.

We should be looking at every action, to figure out how to let everyone succeed with it. Today, we are building too many high-cost housing projects, that leave lower income people in the lurch. We build light rail, which has cut bus service elsewhere. We build freeways, which divide neighborhoods. We build airports, while we ignore day-to-day transportation needs. We build bike paths, while we ignore congestion.

Worse - those who are getting the winning end of the stick today, are those criticizing those who are losing something. But this is not an endgame, it is a cycle. Are these same people going to shut up and roll over, when it comes time to take out what they are benefitting from? Or are they going to howl loudly and complain, when what they use will no longer be an option?