Monday, May 25, 2015

Bruce Hansen totally ignores Trimet retirees

This is directly from his website:
Click on the pic for better viewing
Of course he would fail to bring up the subject of the Trimet retirees.
He completely threw all of us under the bus!
He might have been able to ignore the Trimet retirees during the contract vote but the Trimet retirees actually get a vote in this upcoming election!
If retirees vote for Bruce we  will have no voice when the next contract comes up!
He documents this fact himself!


Al M said...

I am adamant that Bruce should have insisted on an amnesty for the current retirees.

Trimet 'threatened' to destroy every union employee both past and present if he didn't go along with what Mcfarlane wanted.

I say if Trimet tried to play that hand at the arbitration there was a very serious chance that Trimet would have lost, especially in light of the SECRET RAISES the executive staff gave themselves thereby proving they are liars

Flatpicker John said...

pretty sure I wold never bankroll Bruce in a poker tournament.